Honorable Mention

William Virgil

My artistic practice is a bold exploration of sculptural and installation art intertwined with interactive technology to foster a deep, emotional dialogue. It’s an immersive journey transcending traditional boundaries, inviting viewers into a world where the tactile and the technological converge. My sculptures are more than objects; they are vibrant entities, echoing the pulse of human experience and the complexity of our emotional landscapes.

Each creation is a narrative in this realm, a poignant reflection of the human condition. I employ reflective materials and immersive environments as both artistic tools and conduits for introspection and emotional resonance. The viewer is an observer and a participant, invited to traverse the blurred lines between the art and their inner selves.

My work is a testament to art’s power to evoke, challenge, and inspire. It is a journey through the depths of human emotion, capturing the essence of our shared experiences and aspirations. These sculptures are beacons, illuminating paths to understanding, empathy, and connection in our increasingly complex world.