The Virginia A. Groot Foundation was created by Candice B. Groot with the belief that it had the potential to change artists’ lives. Established in 1988, the grant continues to further creative development of artists around the world.

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Candice B. Groot



As an artist, educator and visionary, founder Candice B. Groot dedicated her life’s work to furthering the creative expansion of artists everywhere.

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Candice B. Groot was born in 1954 and grew up in Western Springs, Illinois. She was the youngest of five daughters who were all also passionate about and involved in the craft of art. After receiving her MFA from Texas Tech University, Candice taught sculptural ceramics at Gustavus Adolphus College—the same university at which she had received her undergrad.

She was a renowned ceramic sculptor, passionate collector, mentor, philanthropist, educator, and advocate for the world of art. Her indelible and positive impact on the sculptural space led to the founding of the Virginia A. Groot Foundation in 1988 which was named after her late mother. In 2014, the National Council on Education for Ceramic Arts awarded her the Regional Excellence Award for her positive impact and influence. Always inspired and supportive of the endeavors of artists everywhere, Candice centered the grant around talent, craft, and crossing artistic boundaries.

As a highly respected collector, her taste and vision for curated works were always met with admiration, as she was known to spot that special spark in a piece that many others overlooked. Her collection ranged from ceramics, paintings, timepieces, taxidermy, erotica, and decorative arts. In fact, her collection was so vast that they were housed across three different cities and two states including Chicago and Evanston, Illinois, as well as Holland, Michigan—a testament to her genuine ardor for accumulating timeless artworks. Her collection spanned over the course of 30 years and included works from Ken Price, Beth Cavener Stichter, Robert Arneson, Ruth Duckworth, Jun Kaneko, and so many more prominent artists from the 18th through 21st century.

Candice’s legacy continues to live on through the foundation’s support of sculpture artists around the world and for future generations to come.

For the love of 3-D art.

Supporting artists working within the sculptural space.

About the Virginia A. Groot Foundation

Candice established the Virginia A. Groot Foundation in 1988, named in honor of her late mother.

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Since its inception, the foundation has grown into an internationally recognized non-profit organization that celebrates the visceral connection between sculpture art and the artists that bring them to life. For more than 30 years, The Virginia A. Groot Foundation has promoted 3-dimensional art by providing award grants to sculptors and curators.

Our testament to artistic evolution allows artists working on all forms of three-dimensional art the ability to create without restrictions, and instead devote time and resources to their development and dedication. The awards allow for the development of new work, art residencies, visiting artist positions and curated presentations and publications.