For the love of 3-D art

Previous Winners

Our winning artists have crossed boundaries to fulfill the vision that sculpture art can be an interdisciplinary expression. Our grant has financially supported many in the elevation of their artistry on an international level.

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Andrew Hellmund
Jacob Stanley
Ray Chen Artists in Residence

Artists in Residence

Gustavus White 1
Funded through the Virginia A. Groot Foundation, the Gustavus Artists in Residence continues to support all qualified three-dimensional artists. The mission to support artists within their dedication to their craft continues to grow without limitations
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Recipient Exhibitions

View our previous grant recipients and the emotional connections and inspirations behind their diverse work of art.
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First Place Recipients:Their Stories

The connection between grant winners and The Virginia A. Groot Foundation builds an unequivocal sense of community. Uncover the stories behind our first-place grant recipients, and their most recent accomplishments.

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Virginia A Groot Foundation - first-place
First Place

For the love of 3-D art.

Supporting artists working within the sculptural space.

“The freedom of sculptural storytelling should not be limited by expenses, and that’s why the foundation aims to financially support artist expenses to live, travel, and create.”

—Nina Latusek, President