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Since 1988, the Virginia A. Groot Foundation has advocated for artists working within the sculptural space to encourage expansive creativity in all three-dimensional art forms. Throughout history, sculptural art has evolved to communicate countless means and purposes of expression across a broad spectrum, from the more pragmatic to the truly wondrous.

Contributions in Artistic Development, 19913-13
Eligibility, 19913-04

Led by Creators,Driven by Vision

The Virginia A. Groot Foundation is artist-founded and artist-led. We share the same goals and strive to foster a culture of creativity, together. This model has proven to keep our communities thriving and create connections that lead to successful expressions of artistic development.

For the love of 3-D art.

The Virginia A. Groot Foundation

We believe that the breadth of possibilities for sculptural medium should be recognized for the variety of tactics the form can take, and we are committed to supporting and fostering the vision of artists from around the world. We welcome sculptural works of all types and celebrate the creative use of material, form, scale, function and intention.

Artist Grants

We are endlessly inspired by the works we receive, which continue to drive our mission of introducing new and existing artists to the cultural landscape. We believe that investment and support of creative endeavors have the power to guide the next generation of artists through each stage of their journey and realize their vision, now and into the future. Your artistic vision, our support. Learn more about eligibility.


The Virginia A. Groot Foundation supports artists of all backgrounds and stages in their careers, working in three-dimensional creations. Our goal is to meet the artists and understand their sources of inspiration and techniques, as well as provide support for creativity that makes their vision shine. The work of Gustavus Artists in Residence shows that sculpture encompasses endless approaches through the use of materials, unique design inspiration and installation techniques. We are honored to share their stories and visual impact.

Ray Chen

Artist in Residence

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Andrew Hellmund

Artist in Residence

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Jacob Stanley

Artist in Residence

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“Every time there is a different artist in the room, you get a different point of view, a different observation. That’s what makes  this process beautiful—that artist is bringing his or her energy to this jury.”

—Stanley Shetka, Vice President