3rd Place recipient

Hiroyuki Hamada

Making a sculpture allows me to observe, feel and experience how things are as they are. In making, ideas and materials age and mature on their own terms as they fall into a cohesive whole. In my studio, I emphasize the harmony of the material reality without the dynamics being obfuscated behind corporate imperatives and social hierarchy, or other pre-set rules. I let objects and ideas merge according to what they are. The voiceless have voices so to speak.

I love the element of surprise and discovery as I work, the refreshing view point that shifts the angle in how formations reveal themselves. I love to feel when the internal logic bursts out of the materials to assert its presence, fully resonating with my own presence. Sculpture can connect us to the world of the unknown. The vastness of the Universe and the mystery of it become real and tangible.

Sharing this sense of connectedness to a wider reality with others transcends our social boundaries and divisions, giving us a common ground to feel and appreciate life in a very special way.