Doug Jeck


HM Place recipient

As ‘human objects’, the things I make are wordless metaphors for the intrigues of the mind and heart… and ultimately, nameless parts of the larger existential repertoire."

Clay has ever been ingrained in my efforts; I reach for it in much the same way a composer does the keyboard. With clay: I'm lyrical, I make things and cover myself. Clay lets me embellish, erase, revive, revisit, inflate, and flatten time.

  • David

    David 70x20x14" 2016

    This "David" is fragmented to consider the biblical King David- an archetypal male subject- at that juncture between boyhood, manhood, brokenness and reflection.

  • Deacon

    Deacon 54x28x47" 2017

    Installation at Pioneer School Zanesville Ceramic

  • Disciple

    Disciple 86x18x25" 2016

    Freestanding sculpture.

  • Mother

    Mother 61x20x34" 2021

    Seated sculpture with reflecting mirror/heart

  • Mother (detail)

    Mother (detail) 61x20x34" 2021

    Seated sculpture with reflecting mirror/heart

  • Dis-membered Monument: militiaman

    Dis-membered Monument: militiaman 56x44x18" 2021

    This is the most recent incarnation of my critique of the Equestrian Monument archetype.

  • Fragment FWD

    Fragment FWD 40x32" 2019

    Chroma-key Green is a "placeholder" for infinity. I'm using it symbolically to assert that I am willing (as an old white guy on a broken down mount) to be inserted into any context ahead of my time.

  • Brother

    Brother 58x16x32" 2019

    An expression of asceticism; casts of my hands, and my feet.

  • Contemplative

    Contemplative 70x16x9" 2017

    This piece was made in Italy with San Sepulcra terra cotta; a site-specific installation at the CRETA Rome Center.