Honorable Mention

Justin Archer

Expressed primarily through incomplete figures, my sculptural works are motivated by an understanding of contemporary humanity. Through the subtractive process of wood carving I create life-size figures and everyday objects. Directly referenced from the people, and imagery, around me, these sculptures serve as icons of our daily experiences.

Mimicking a type of pixilation, these sculptures are composed of hundreds of blocks of wood. Through varying degrees of fragmentation, this digital decay prompts us to consider what has occurred, and what could be. Within each of these figures are additional elements that house aspects of the narratives being produced. A woman, reflecting the gesture of ancient marble statues, waits under an umbrella for an unseen storm. High fashion sneakers adorn a man dissolving through the air. A contemplative figure looks out in peace despite the cinder block seated in his chest. Contemplating the contemporary issues of our culture, these sculptures invite the viewer to join their introspection. Prompting us to consider how our experiences might inform the shared realities of our humanity, and our place within it.