Martha Jackson-Jarvis


1st Place recipient

My art practice encompasses, sculpture, public art, and studio production that include two dimensional works. The unifying elements and indelible relationship between each genre is my continuous investigation of scale, intrinsic material structure, and imagined form.  The elastic boundaries of my studio practice fuels the production and sustainability of works that move freely between permanence and impermanence. I consider each work an intricate part of one unified body of work and continuous narrative.

I create imagined space and form that signify action, ritual, repetition and innovation. My works are attentive to ecosystems, decay, rebirth, sedimentation and transformative form.

  • The Gathering

    The Gathering 25x52x34' 1989

    Clay, copper, wood

  • The Gathering (detail)

    The Gathering (detail) 3x5x1' 1989

    Clay, copper, wood

  • Time Gathers VII

    Time Gathers VII 4.5x4x1.5' 1988

    Clay, copper, wood