2nd Place recipient

Arthur Gonzalez

I educate myself in terms of philosophy and art history. I am interested in Alchemy and Poetry. I understand that I am a walking recipe of all that interests me, and as a result, my art is a kind of goulash of ideas. The subject matter may be about Pinocchio and the Italian Baroque. It can be about the science of DNA and wondering why I still act like a child. I’m interested at how old people are surprised that they ever got old and how the young feel like they will always be young. I wonder why my dog had to die in my arms and how I still dream of her. I wonder why dreams are so vivid and how I can’t see anything when I close my eyes and try to remember the features of my first girl friend. I wonder why I criticize my parents behind their backs and act like a child when in their presence. I see the fact that the future is unknown and the past is sometimes embarrassing. I know that I will try to be the best person I can be and every day I wake up wanting to just eat donuts in front of the television. I am a mixture of understanding that I will make stupid mistakes daily or I will strive to make daily discoveries instead. I wonder what lies ahead and what will happen to all my friends.

As an artist, I can talk about all these things with paper, pencil, canvas, paint, clay and glue. Being an artist is wonderful. It is the where magic still exists.