Ceramics Monthly, the largest-circulated publication dedicated to sharing insights within the ceramic arts field, featured Raven Halfmoon’s contemporary sculptures on her Caddo culture. Notably, Raven was awarded the first-place Groot Grant for 2022, which addressed her Caddo heritage, while acknowledging current events and societal norms.

Raven Halfmoon is completing her two-year residency at the Archie Bray Foundation for the Ceramic Arts in Helena, Montana and her artwork continues to expand upon her contemporary Caddo pieces and figurative sculptures.

The feature captured Halfmoon’s inspirations, influences, and evolution of her work, from scale to medium to symbolic representation. The intersection of contemporary sculptures and their historical and ancestral stories meet to combat the stereotypes placed upon Native people while simultaneously expanding public knowledge of Caddo culture through sculptural exploration.

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About the Artist:

Raven Halfmoon (Caddo Nation) is from Norman, Oklahoma. She attended the University of Arkansas and earned a double bachelor’s degree in ceramics/painting and cultural anthropology. Halfmoon’s work has been notably featured in exhibitions throughout the United States and on an international level. Heer exhibitions include Ancestors, Horse: Di’I’tamah, Issuba, Lichiile, Okla Homma to Manahatta, Caddo Girl in a Material World, and The New Native.