George Rodriguez


2nd Place recipient

Born and raised in the border city of El Paso, TX, George Rodriguez creates humorous decorative ceramic sculpture addressing his identity and community. Brought up by his mother and four older sisters, George quietly observed the love and hard work needed to maintain his family and community. His art began to manifest as search for his individualized voice. The first in his family to finish college, he received a BFA in ceramics from the University of Texas El Paso then went on to receive an MFA from the University of Washington.  His world curiosity grew as a recipient of a Bonderman Travel Fellowship where he traveled the world through most of 2010. This travel continues to have a profound impact on George and has helped his community grow. George was recognized as an Emerging Artist in 2019 by the National Council on the Education of Ceramic Arts (NCECA) and the Museums of Northwest Art awarded him The Patti Warashina Luminary Award in 2017. His work can be found in the permanent collection of the National Mexican Museum of Art in Chicago and the Hallie Ford Museum in Salem, OR.  George is represented by Foster/White Gallery in Seattle, WA and is the Artist in Residence at the Tyler School of Art and Architecture in Philadelphia.

  • La Flor, El Nicho, y sus Memorias

    La Flor, El Nicho, y sus Memorias Room 6 x 6 x 8 ft, Figure 30 x 18 x 18" 2020

    Installation at Clay Studio Philly

  • Urban Guardian-Rat

    Urban Guardian-Rat 61x36x27" 2020

    Large scale Rat depicted with regal posture to be admired and not overlooked.

  • Urban Guardian - Pigeon

    Urban Guardian - Pigeon 60x34x24" 2020

    Large scale Pigeon as a companion figure to the rat, depicted with regal posture to be admired and not overlooked.

  • Suerte

    Suerte 25.5x28.5x15" 2020

    Cinghiale modeled after the Porcellino in Florence, Italy. Seductive and fierce.

  • El Chapulin

    El Chapulin 36x15.5x20" 2018

    Wall mounted animals from the Mexican Zodiac calendar. El Chapulin is the 1st of 12 animal heads with coloration to reference a pop Mexican cultural hero. Correlates to the Chinese rat.

  • Seven Indulgences

    Seven Indulgences 62x36x36" 2020

    Large funerary urn with a self-portrait and the seven deadly sins.

  • An Alter

    An Alter 100x60x60" 2018

    An Altar is made up of 4 tiers with the foundation being the elements (wind, water, fire, earth), the second level is primitive instinct (wolf and lion), third level is faith and death, and the crown

  • Mexican American Gothic

    Mexican American Gothic 84x60x30" 2018

    Immigrant depiction based on Wood’s American Gothic with female figure as a hotel maid and male figure as a field worker. Tiled Background

  • We The People

    We The People 44x21x16" 2017

    Self Portrait depicting my Mexican/American upbringing postured to sing the anthem.

  • Where is Our Exile

    Where is Our Exile 40x15x10' 2017

    Installation image. Figures presented in my home town/border city of El Paso Texas at the Rubin Arts Center. Uncle Sam and Tia Catrina are equal but different figures guardian the entrance to the exhi