Lauren Grossman


2nd Place recipient

A graduate of the University of Washington ceramics program, Lauren Grossman works in a variety of media--from porcelain to cast iron to insect-encrusted fiberglass. Her provocative installations and objects wrestle with the ever shifting meanings of Judeo/Christian imagery in contemporary culture. 

Since the early eighties, she has done twenty solo shows as well as numerous regional and national group exhibitions. Reviews of her work have appeared in Art In America, Sculpture, American Ceramics, and other periodicals. Her honors include a Flintridge Foundation Award, two Groot Foundation recognition awards, a Seattle Artists Award, and two Kohler Arts/Industry residencies. Howard House Gallery currently represents Lauren in Seattle.

  • City of Destruction

    City of Destruction 17x19x13" 2008

    Resin, steel, erector set parts

  • Feast of Fat Things

    Feast of Fat Things 22x19x14" 2007

    Cast Iron, chromed brass, 12 carat gold

  • Wife

    Wife 63x46x46" 2005

    Ductile iron, stainless, chromed brass, plastic, salt