Kitty Wales


1st Place recipient

“Using detritus of everyday life as material for her installations- such as old sweaters, discarded tires, or mismatched silverware- Wales alters the gallery setting in surprising ways to create a psychological context for her immersive animal landscapes.” - Abigail Satinsky, Curator DeCordova Museum.

For an extended period of time I have been working in and around the animal world exploring narrative installations, drawings and prints. My interest is in weaving a multi-layered context into a specific setting. The material I use to fabricate sculpture for these narratives is often salvaged from domestic life and has a recognizable history, recycled to provide us with unexpected connections to the animal world.


  • Canis Ex Machina

    Canis Ex Machina 12x16' 2006

    Steel, unraveled sweaters, mixed media

  • Maytag

    Maytag 21x103x80" 1997

    Steel, refrigerator parts

  • Broken Sleep

    Broken Sleep 30x25' 2004

    Steel, expanded metal