Tip Toland


1st Place recipient

My work is an attempt to give voice to inner psychological and/or spiritual states of being. What is of primary importance to me is that the figures contain particular aspects of humanity which they can mirror back to the viewer. It’s the vulnerability of Humanity I am after. That is one reason for choosing very old or very young subjects. They both can portray innocence as well as extreme complexity.

  • Blind Doll

    Blind Doll 10x8x7" 2001

    Mid range porcelain, glass, wax, mohair, pastel

  • Reach

    Reach 28x20x16" 2002

    Stoneware, earthenware, paint, metal, wax

  • Portrait in Bue

    Portrait in Bue 12x9x9" 2003

    Earthenware, synthetic hair, graphite, paint.