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The Virginia A. Groot Foundation is proud to present the “Art is Everywhere” website that commemorates the life, artistic vision, and inspiration of our foundation’s late founder, Candice B. Groot.

The website is a celebration of Candice’s life and legacy, and simultaneously a fully immersive experience of her expansive personal art collection—curated over three decades. It is a homage to her unparalleled artistic vision and enduring legacy.

The pieces she amassed spanned from renowned artists from the 18th century to the 21st an ode to her vision and eye for art. Her eclectic taste and deep appreciation for art transcended time and theme, ranging from ceramics, paintings, timepieces, taxidermy, erotica, decorative arts, and more.  The art she amassed was everywhere throughout almost every nook of her home, from mounted on walls and taking up space in the kitchen countertops to propped up in dining room chairs, and outside her home on the front lawn.

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There was a profound connection and appreciation Candice attained for her collection along with a sense of humor that could be found, as she once noted, “I think you can look at my collection and you can see a lot…that you need a sense of humor.”

Yet, her eye for art was greatly revered by her students, colleagues, friends, and other artists. Candice’s talent for scoping out the best art was an inspiration to those around her.

Through her teachings, friendships, and foundation, she nurtured creativity, encouraging artists to explore and express themselves without bounds. The Virginia A. Groot Foundation is a living tribute to her mission, empowering artists worldwide to weave their own stories into the fabric of the future.

Candice was an unforgettable force. “Art is Everywhere” seeks to encapsulate her life and artistry for educational endeavors, as a tribute to those touched by her existence, and for any observer with a deep appreciation for art. “Art is Everywhere” is also a biographical peek into Candice’s life—from her beginnings, surrounded by a family of creatives and her impactful career as an educator, to her personal passions and rebellious spirit that challenged the conventional.

This website is an invitation to delve into Candice’s world and explore her collection preserved online for future generations. Discover the stories she told through the art she loved.

To uncover Candice’s stories, and immerse yourself in her collection, visit