The Virginia A. Groot Foundation’s community of artists continues to achieve outstanding accomplishments and artistic evolution. In 2018, Christina A. West was our 3rd place grant recipient, and in 2022, she continues to contribute to the ceramic and sculptural space.

Her latest project Mere Mortals opened Austin Peay State University’s contemporary art gallery, New Gallery, for 2022. Her exhibition reflects human figures and social theory about “the gaze” to dissect the dynamics of the act of looking.

On ClarksvilleNow’s digital newspaper, West stated, “My most recent installations explore the female gaze on the male body as a way to empower and understand this underrepresented perspective. These works include videos made during multiple sessions with male models as I directed them to perform a range of activities that convey vulnerability with strength and beauty with awkwardness, sometimes overlaid with references to classical art.”

The free exhibition allowed yet another opportunity for her work to be shared with an awe-inspired audience.


About the Artist

Christina A. West is a sculptor and installation artist. Her work has been exhibited across the United States in art centers and museums including The Everson Museum of Art. She earned her MFA from Alfred University in New York in 2006. She is currently an associate professor of ceramics and 3-D studies in Atlanta.