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Lisa Clague
1999 2nd Place recipient


From 1999

My work evokes a place between the subconscious and the intangible. My masked figures are hybrid creatures, mistresses of ambiguity and disguise, of seduction and deception. These images like dreams are familiar but illusive. Dreams compress and heighten reality. They may bring delightful fantasy or feverish fear, fusion of overlaying images reflects desire, anxiety and the poetic lure of many inner worlds. Fairy tales, childhood games and masks, hallucinations, ghosts, insects, animals, bones and worms, are images in a passageway between what is dreamt what is lived, what is remembered and what is to come.

From 2003

Although the imagery in my work comes directly from my own dreams which, in turn, respond to very personal experiences. I must also acknowledge a debt to the surrealist movement. Artists such as Hieronymous Bosch, Frida Karlo, Louise Bourgeois and Hans Bellmer have been profoundly inspirational.

My hybrid figures have been influenced by prehistoric art, the “Great Mother” figurines from the Neolithic period, the animal-headed figures from the rock shelter of La Madeleine, and also the bird-headed Egyptian Goddesses and archaic Greek Kouros figures.

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